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Game Guide - Quick links to get you started.

- Donations - Donate to get higher turn rates and/or extra turns.
- Perks - Optimize your game play for a specific role.
- Fast Start - Hire some mobsters to work for you.
- Prizes - Real Cash Jackpots Every Week.
- Attacking - Your chance to dominate.
- Revenge - A dish best served cold.

Don't like getting zeroed?

Hey, it's a mafia game, and people get hit all the time. It is all part of the fun.
If you do get hit, you get a revenge option... ie. Unlimited hits for 24 hours.
Use your turns wisely, then let them rebuild while you sleep soundly.
Wake up and revenge anyone silly enough to attack you overnight. :)
Above all, it's a game... enjoy yourself and make some new friends.


Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.
Players can change their name to hide or go undercover.
Contacts/Bitches/Targets/Block gives you full control.
Use contacts to track who is who in the current round.


Donations to help with server costs are rewarded with higher turn rates or extra turns.
If you are subscriber for ANY part of a round, you will rank as a subscriber for that round.
If you are a supporter in the current round, you will start the next round as a free player.


Perks relate to the specific player role (Banker, Businessman, Hitman) that you choose for yourself.
ALL members get to select a free Perk and receive the bonus Ability (at the top) for that player role.
Subscribers get to select 2 Perks (from the same category) and receive the bonus Ability for that role.
Click on the image to select your Perk(s) which will last for the entire round or for the duration of your subscription.
Selected perks and bonus abilities will then be marked with the star.

Fast Start

Hire some thugs and bodyguards. These will defend you if you are attacked by another mafioso. Buy some weapons from the black market or your defensive units will get whacked. Look for a family to join. The guys in your family will back you up if anybody attacks you. Hire some operatives to make you money then buy some drugs on the black market to keep all of your operatives and defensive units happy. If they're not happy, they'll just go and work for a mafioso who gives them more drugs.


The game is split into rounds. This makes it so players can't get too far ahead and everybody has a chance to win if they're good enough. At the end of each round, prizes will be awarded to the best mafia bosses. There are two round types; normal rounds and mini rounds. The normal round is where you make a name for yourself. Here you need to earn the respect of other mafiosi. In the mini round, you get more turns, so if a mafioso has disrespected you or your family, you can whack them in the mini round and show them who's boss.


If you want to stay alive in the mafia underworld, you'll need to use your turns wisely. Every 10 minutes, turns are handed out to all players. It's up to you what you do with them. To perform most actions in game, you will need to use turns. The amount you need to use depends on what you want to do. If you use your turns wisely, you will be able to win attacks against other players.


At the end of each round, prizes will be awarded to the best players in each category. You can view the standings page or the full prize list to see what prizes are available. To win prizes, you'll need to show you have what it takes to be a good mafia boss. Some rounds may have a cash jackpot. The top player in the Supporter category can normally win the jackpot unless it is a Killer round in which case the Top Supporter Killer can win the jackpot.
NB: Cash Jackpots are only paid if the prize reaches payout as noted in Round Information.


In the mafia, you gotta stick together. If you don't, mafiosos from other families or cops will come after you. If you join a family, you have protection against that and if you do get whacked, they can hit the bitch that did it. The richest families will win prizes for every member.


A real mafia boss doesn't get their hands dirty. You will need to hire others to do your dirty work. Hitmen, Bodyguards and Thugs will carry out any hits you order. The more you hire, the lower the possibility of you getting attacked by another mafioso. Whores, Hustlers, Punks, Bootleggers and Card Dealers will earn you cash and produce drugs for you. The more you hire, the more money you can make.


So you hired some operatives? If you don't collect money from them, they'll just sit there doing nothing. This is the main way of making money. You'll be judged on how much money you make so don't let the family down.


If somebody disrespects you or your family, you need some money, or you just feel like a fight... you can attack players. There are a range of different attacks you can do. Drive-by shootings, carjacking, murdering operatives, robbing their business or a full scale territory invasion are your options. If you really want to show somebody who's the boss, attacking them will remind them and can be very profitable. Pick the wrong hit however, and you could be 'sleeping with the fishes'


You can attack mafiosos based on their networth. If you're a capo worth $500,000 you can't whack a mafia don worth $50 billion. Check the 'game settings' page in game for up to date attack ranges. The bosses of a family can also assign an Enforcer who can max everyone in the family regardless of range. Perks also allow for a Banker to be maxed by all members of his family if he chooses the appropriate perk.


Maxing is possible with any winning attack but most friendly maxing is achieved using drivebys, so it is useful to know the MINIMUM driveby needed to max an UNARMED player. ie. 2 car carrying 10 hitmen with 10 Assault Rifles, OR 3 cars carrying 15 thugs with 15 Assault Rifles


Producing is a way of getting drugs, alcohol or cash from your employees. Instead of a cut of their profits, you can get narcotics or fake money. This can be cheaper than buying drugs off the black market

Black Market

This is where you buy (and sell) items you need. Weapons, drugs and vehicles are all essential for a good mafia organization. They ain't cheap so make sure you got a good business.
NB: Killer rounds do not allow you to sell guns needed to keep all your defensive units armed.


Here, you can manage your money. Stash it in the bank, your personal vault or send it to a friend to protect it. If you use the bank, you can earn interest on any money you have deposited. Here, you can also accept or cancel transfers to and from your friends.

Family Bank

Family Banks are not always available but are usually there for Killer Rounds so you have a way to keep your cash safe when you don't have a family to support and protect you. The family bank is not visible to the rest of the game unless stated otherwise in Round Information, but your cash will still be there and visible to you on your family page.
NB: Be sure to get online and withdraw your cash from the family bank for end of round!


So you're in Chicago and your buddy gets whacked in Palermo. Pay the bitch who did it a visit. Whenever you travel, all your guys come with you and you gotta fork out for the tickets. If you have any private jets, your guys can go for free. The more jets you have, the more guys can go for free.


So you got whacked by some hotshot from another family and he's now loaded with cash so you can't reach to whack him back? You're in luck. If somebody attacks you, you can attack them back unlimited times for up to 24 hours, no matter what they're now worth. Click 'revenges' in your mailbox page and you'll be able to get even.


A Don can control up to 5 families in their own personal Union. Are you up for it?

Go to Profile Options to grab your Union PIN Number and other Dons can use your game name and that PIN to pass control of their family to you under the Don Options on their family page.

Family Ranks

Don has full control of the union.
CoDon is unable to rename families.
Boss can Change Boss, Consig, etc.
Consig can Change Enforcer and Banker.
Banker and Enforcer can Change Enforcer.
Bruglione can Send and Cancel Invitations.
Underboss, Captain and Soldier for new guys.

Account Cap on Credits

At the time of this update to the Game Guide, individual accounts were capped at 5 million credits with the exception of bought credits, but this may change in the future so please refer to your Accounts area for current info on the Credit Cap.
If you are getting close to the Credit Cap and have referral credits or rank prizes coming, you may want to use some credits in an active round so you don't lose any credits to cap spillage. This limit on credit hoarding benefits the whole game.
NB: Supporters can Donate for credits over the Credit Cap, but still won't win free credits over the cap.

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